Earthquake great country Japan
If you think of a house using the Super Geo method that can withstand a huge earthquake
According to the super geo construction method that our company is good at, we can take measures against liquefaction and external factors as well as measures against huge earthquakes.
If you are thinking about isolation of houses using the Super Geo method, please contact Kanazawa Seaside Service Limited Company.

If you think about measures against the earthquake, we are proud of the super geo construction method

If you think of isolation construction of a house that can withstand even a huge earthquake, please use the super geo construction method of Kanazawa Seaside Service limited company that is excellent in terms of environmental consideration and cost.

In addition to being able to deal with land with high water level and soft ground, it is an excellent construction which also has a countermeasure against liquefaction.

Please examine our construction which can correspond widely to various uneasiness in huge earthquake and disaster etc.

Our company is good at installing seismic isolation using Super Geo construction method


Measures against huge earthquakes are also thorough

The super geo construction method provided by Kanazawa Seaside Service Co., Ltd. is construction which can correspond to the ground of various conditions.

It is possible to cope with soft ground that requires ground improvement, ground with underground buried objects and corroded soil, and narrow land which is difficult to carry large equipment such as piling machine and ground improvement machine.

If you have any problems on the ground of the residence you are currently residing or even in a narrow land that is difficult to carry in the equipment you can receive your request in most cases, please do not hesitate to consult us.

It is an excellent construction that not only improves the seismic isolation and earthquake resistance of buildings, it also improves the support capacity of the ground and also shows the effect of liquefaction countermeasures.

Because it does not use large equipment etc., it is also the attraction of this construction that can reduce the cost and time required for construction.

If you are considering construction for countermeasures against a huge earthquake, how about trying to compare the construction of our company with other constructions once. If you are considering earthquake isolation for housing, please use our super geo construction method by all means.


Please feel free to contact us

Kanazawa seaside limited liability company has received high reputation if it deals quickly and politely.

In order to receive customer's trust and inquiries and requests, we are also constantly looking forward to the correctness of construction as well as the customer's response to customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as consultation about construction or to learn more about Super Geo construction method.

Inquiries are accepted by telephone and e-mail, and reservations for visitors are unnecessary so please feel free to drop in.

If you are thinking of isolation for housing, please consult us.

We will carefully determine the condition of your home and the ground, and will guide you on the optimum construction.


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免震住宅のご相談でしたら有限会社 金沢シーサイドサービスまでご連絡ください。 当社で地質の調査から地盤改良まで一連の業務を行いますので、経費の節約になります。 免震耐震・減震住宅には当社で改良した良質な安定した地盤が最適です。
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